deb yan
deb yan


Illustration done for a children's article in a Singaporean publication, Grace News.


Here are some commissioned pet illustrations I’ve done!

Illustrations done for a social-emotional learning curriculum planned to be used by more than 30 schools across America.


Concept work for The Homelands, a semester-long project in which I explored different visual platforms on which the story of these characters could be told. This includes a children's book spread, animation concept art and color keys, as well as in a video game.

Nico, a boy living on the streets of a city in Greece, comes face to face with a mysterious critter that he finds in a moldy box of cupcakes. Concept board done for an animation I am planning to work on! 



Design for Ollie the sloth, who learns that he would much prefer paddling around in the lake than spending all day climbing up and down tree branches.


Bromato - More veggie goodness! Complement character to Fredericus the Onion.


Ozlo and his son Norwin go fishing!