deb yan
deb yan
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Commercial Projects

Directed by Peter Sluszka Produced @ Hornet

Sample pieces from a Disney/Hanes stop-motion animated production produced by Hornet Inc.



A project where I got to fabricate an entire solar system!

"In celebration of the recent summer solstice and of our magazine’s third trip around the sun comes Ellipse; the latest short for Kid-In by award-winning filmmakers Ivan Abel (cinematographer), Peter Sluszka (director) and Alice Bertay (creative director). With interpretive sounds by Robot Repair and choreography by Megha Barnabas (Yemenwed), Ellipse imagines ‘final contact’ between a daughter and father forever separated by tragedy. Undying love, however, is the propelling force behind the film - one powerful enough to conquer space, time and the ultimate unknown."

Environment/Set design and fabrication for an upcoming short film by Hornet Films titled "Hardboiled".