deb yan
deb yan
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Bridg-it School Launch Process

Bridg-it School's Launch Process


One of the important projects I worked on was streamlining the process through which schools would load their users into the Bridg-it School system. The idea here was to create pages that would easily bring administrators through the process without the need for Bridg-it's in-house staff to manually load their users for them, which had to be resolved for future growth and scaling.


We broke the requirements for the Launch into these points:

  • Progress bar at the top, for the user to keep track of where they are in a complicated process
  • Easily-available Launch Materials on each page for users to use each step of the way
  • Launch Timeline in the bottom left which updates as the user and their fellow staff members fill in the information throughout the process
  • Main Section clearly outlining the current step of the process that the user is on

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