deb yan
deb yan

2D Animation


Bridg-it School is the first anti-bullying school safety solution that addresses the full lifecycle of an incident, from reporting through resolution. This is a short animated video where you can learn about why the team at Bridg-it School does what we do by watching a clip about the story behind our cause and research. Graphics done in Adobe Illustrator and Animated in After Effects!

Vertical animated explainer video I created for Reimbursify to use at their booth at the 2018 APA conference in NYC.


I worked with Berlin-based record label Amselcom to produce a music video for Loversrock's song titled "Monster". This involved the repurposing of clips from my original animation, as requested by the client, and video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. I created the title sequence separately using Photoshop.

Animation and editing by Deb Yan

Music by Loversrock

Produced by Amselcom 2014


Compositing, video editing and text animation for a promotional video featuring Brooklyn-based spoken word artist Malcolm Wicks.

Malcolm Wicks performs spoken word encouraging students to enter the Bridg-it School Fall Poetry Slam.

The story and concept are based on the three younglings I created, who journey to Buccaneer Bay to retrieve their treasure from some nasty pirates. To all of the other young people watching this video, never underestimate the power of true friendship, teamwork, and a reliable boat!

Escape from Buccaneer Bay, featuring the Rat Pack Raiders, is my first animation done using cut-out puppets. The whole process was an amazing learning experience for me, and has motivated me to explore more ways of making my characters come to life. Here's to the future!

Music by Tomas Dvorak from the Samorost2 soundtrack.


Final Cut-out animation for my Intro to Animation class.
Van Gogh's painting is completed with the help of two artistic little creatures who do not want you to forget about the stars at night.


Sound-based animation done using the modified base technique, by drawing in and photographing sand on a lightbox.

Exploring a different graphic style for an interpretation of the theme "Welcome to the 21st Century" featuring characters from the "Carmilla" webseries. Concept was to have a set of 4 different animated icons for each character, with the accompanying 'heart message' motion graphic to tie all 4 together! Characters copyright of the Carmilla web series, a production of Smokebomb Entertainment.